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Meet The Deedles

The Deedle brothers are far less than what is ususally expected from Disney.

The two boys, Steve (Steven Van Warner) and Phil (Paul Walker) are banished from Hawaii, where their primary interest in life is surfing.  They are off to Yellowstone National Park where they are assigned to learn self control.  While skateboarding on the way, two expert park rangers are pushed from the road and the two boys replace the experts in the elimination of prairie dogs.

The Deedles do little but raise havoc in the camp including causing every creature to suffer from loose bowel movements.  Kids will enjoy what the birds do when they are infected.

With limited imagination, the story drones on to a final successful conclusion for Yellowstone and the Deedles.  Even Dennis Hopper as a disgruntled former park ranger (sounds like Speed) and Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street) can't help the dim plot.

Meet The Deedles


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