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Meet the Applegates

Meet the Applegates
Ed Begely, Jr. ,R Stockard Channing and Dabney Coleman

Rated: R For language and sexual siturations
Reviewed by: Frank and Chris  
Release date: Feburary 1, 1991

The Applegates are unusual. They come from South America to destroy a nuclear power plant, create radiation, destroy humans and thereby make insects the dominant species on the planet. Why? Because they are bugs, large bugs who mutate into the perfect average family directly from the Dick and Jane reader.

The film is intended for an audience that enjoys offbeat, strange and suggestive comedy. Ed Begly, Jr. is dad and Stockard Channing is mom, and Aunt Bea is played by Dabney Coleman. He cannot distinguish whether he is male or female. The family settles in a typical American town, Middleville, and before long the illogical lives of humans begin to invade the family.

Applegates is very clever,particularly in the first half. A constant level of hilarity is maintained, based on situations and the needs of the bugs turned human. Laced in the comedy is a lecture on the need to save the rain forest, obviously aimed at humans, but for the film's sake to save the bugs. Language is strong and the sexual activity of bugs and humans are obvious are funny. What isn't funny is the rape of the daughter by a neighbor's son.

Applegates from the beginning presented a problem for the writers. The opportunities for laughter were abundant, but how do you end this situation comedy? Therein lies the fault with the film. The last third attempts to fold together a somewhat logical ending to an illogical plot. The irreverent plot should have simply continued with a fade away, not an ending.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Meet the Applegates  B   B                     B 

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