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Meet Dave

Meet Dave
Eddie Murphy, Gabrielle Union, and Elizabeth Banks

Rated: PG 
Reviewed by: Nina  
Release date: July 11, 2008 Released by: Twentieth Century Fox

You will be pleasantly surprised by Meet Dave, featuring Eddie Murphy and Gabrielle Union - it has humor, action and heart, something that has been missing of late. Eddie’s character, Dave Ming Chang, is really an alien spaceship from another world sent to retrieve an orb that has come to earth to steal salt from the water to aid their planet. There is a ton of potential for fun when we find out that a crew of tiny aliens is actually running the big ship!

Dave’s assimilation to Earth is a little stiff at first, he can’t seem to get the smile right, but it is quick to get going and doesn’t keep you waiting. I like the great reference to the Starship Enterprise, run by a captain using his specialized crew to help learn to communicate with humans. Each crew member has his own personality, and number, and contributes to the overall success of the story. We know why they are there and what they mean to accomplish. It’s a clean storyline that doesn’t waiver and ultimately satisfies in the end.

There are some moments of body functions humor that are not overdone, as we have seen in the past, but allow you to enjoy the joke without being grossed out. As they try to fit in on Earth, there are many funny mix-ups with everyday references that have us missing the 80’s and getting certain songs stuck in our head. Watching Dave learn to dance the Salsa in about one minute flat makes me want to take a dance class.

The story line is enjoyable and we quickly warm up to a little boy and his mother, refreshing played by Elizabeth Banks. Her son has unknowingly found the link between Earth and Nil, the alien planet, and ends up being the hero of the story. It is an enjoyable movie that touches on the spirit of New York City and how believing in yourself can bring great results. This is definitely a medium bag of popcorn movie! It’s a short one though, so eat fast!

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