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Medicine Man

Medicine Man

Dr. Robert Campbell (Sean Connery), after six years of research in the Amazon rain forest, stumbles on what he believes to be a cure for cancer.  He works for a pharmaceutical company and requests a biochemist and some additional supplies be sent.

The crusty Campbell is lax in sending home reports on his progress, so the company sends Dr. Rae Crane (Lorraine Bracco, so good in Goodfellas) to grade the doctor's work.  He either passes with flying colors or she'll recommend that his funding be stopped.

The problem with his miraculous discovery is that the original batch is almost depleted and he can't duplicate the formula.  The main ingredient is a flower found one hundred feet above ground, which gives each of them a chance to soar through the jungle on rigging.  The steamy heat and humidity disappear when they climb higher to where the air is clean and the view is breathtaking.  It's the best part of the film.

Connery, as usual, is commanding as the serious Campbell, who's like a God to the jungle natives.  But there's no chemistry between him and Bracco.  They're supposed to develop from a squabbling couple to friends and then to something more, but it doesn't work.  Bracco's voice reminds one of a screech owl from the Bronx, her constant yelling is irritating.

It's an OK film, made better by Connery's presence.

Medicine Man

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