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John Goodman and Cathy Moriarty

Rated: PG 
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: January 29, 1993 Released by: Universal Studios, Inc.

The time is 1962 and kids in Key West, Florida are eagerly awaiting the opening of Lawrence Woolsey's new picture.

Woolsey, played by John Goodman, is the ultimate showman. He uses every trick up his sleeve to promote his film, "Mant," about a giant creature that's half man and half ant.

The premiere of his movie coincides with the country being embroiled in the Cuban Missile Crisis, pitting everyone's nerves on edge. Woolsey adds to that condition by wiring the seats to give the audience little electrical shocks. He also has his girlfriend, played by Cathy Moriarty, sit in the lobby dressed in a nurse's outfit taking health releases and hires a man to dress up as the ferocious "Mant" to run up and down the aisles terrorizing kids.

The film will be enjoyed by those who remember Saturday matinees, cheap horror flicks and sharing Jujubes with their friends.

Based on real-life producer of "B" movies William Castle, Goodman plays the Huckster with youthful enthusiasm, but the first half is terribly sluggish and a faster pace would've made it a lot more fun.

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Matinee     C+                     C+ 

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