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Master of Disguise

Master of Disguise

Because Dana Carvey's new comedy is aimed at kids, it would help if they knew who he was.  Perhaps that's why he plays so many characters (36 to be exact); he must be hoping that they might like a few of them.

The Saturday Night Live alum plays Pistachio Disguisey, an Italian waiter, who discovers that his father Fabbrizio (James Brolin in a wooden performance) is kidnaped by an old nemesis and turns super sleuth to find dad.

Unknown to Pistachio his family's talent just happens to be disguises, so he digs into his father's stash of costumes and heads out to locate dear old dad.

Of the many characters Carvey becomes, "Turtle Guy" with a big round body and a tiny head and an Indian snake charmer appeal to kids and his impression of George W. Bush and Al Pacino from Scarface will be of interest to adults.

There's the usual bathroom and bodily function jokes mostly by Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek) that seem to show up in every movie geared to preteens, and since Carvey tried out the scenes on his own kids first, I guess its a universal theme that tickles a kid's funny bones.

Carvey is silly and a few of his wacky disguises made me laugh, but having to sit through 36 of them, just isn't enough to make it a fun experience.

Master of Disguise

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