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Map of the Human Heart

Map of the Human Heart
Jason Scott Lee and Annie Galipeau

Rated: R 
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: April 23, 1993 Released by: Miramax

Avik (Jason Scott Lee), an Eskimo, falls in love with Albertine (Annie Galipeau) while they are children in an orphan hospital. Each is a Metis, "half breed" according to the sisters.

The story of their lives is both visually stunning and emotionally powerful. Albertine's determination to be white and marry a white man dominates their relationship, which is pulled back together during World War II. They are natural and warm together and conceived a daughter who remains unknown to Avik until 1965. Avik, a bombardier for the British Royal Air Force, is assigned to the mission of bombing Dresden. When his plane is shot down, he parachutes to safety but into the city he has just bombed. The horror of that experience breaks him and he returns to a life of solitude in his Eskimo village. His daughter seeks him out at the time of her wedding and pleads with him to join her and Albertine at the wedding. His last thoughts are of sharing the wedding day with his daughter and Albertine.

This is a beautiful, quality film that is photographed magnificently. Catch it quick before the summer blockbusters edge it out.

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Map of the Human Heart  A                        A 

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