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Man Up

Man Up
Lake Bell, Simon Pegg and Ophelia Lovibund

Rated: R for language and sexual references.
Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: November 13, 2015 Released by: Saban Films

You get the feel of a rowdy night in London in this new contrived, yet amusing romantic comedy directed with much topspin verve by Ben Palmer. Even if it has its way with time and happenstance amidst its one-liners.

Man Up stars Lake Bell (In A World... ,Million Dollar Arm, No Escape) and Simon Pegg (known more for his comedic than romantic aplomb).

Around the time Bell's Nancy is about to celebrate her parents' milestone she'll be mopey about being single and in discourse with the voluble Jessica (Ophelia Lovibund), she arrival impetuously at Waterloo Station. Accidentally on purpose grabbing the blind date, Pegg's Jack who's oblivious about the prowess and age promised to him.

The script has fun with the genre in terms of charm, manipulation and interaction with an unusual evening out with empathetic nuances not only to the appealing leads with a cute raucousness yielding its fair share of emotion even in its excess. Between Pegg and a typically fine Bell there is that reluctant frumpiness which helps initiate the drollery and palpable zesty banter.

Some may be skeptical about how Man Up oscillates, but when an antagonist like Rory Kinnear's former high school admiring chap appears it's hard not to be entwined in a certain amount of laughter as irritating as the character may be. This tale engages mostly because of Bell and Pegg and a sassy ebullience.

  Frank Chris Jim Dave Nina Dayra Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Man Up        B                     B 

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