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Manhattan Murder Mystery

Manhattan Murder Mystery
Diane Keaton, Woody Allen, Jerry Alden, Alan Alda and Anjelica Houston

Rated: PG 
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: August 18, 1993 Released by: Columbia TriStar

Woody Allen is back at it with Diane Keaton, who last appeared in a cameo in Radio Days, with Allen. They are a couple who suspect the death of the woman next door wasn't natural and that her husband Paul (Jerry Alden) may be a murderer.

Filled with off the cuff comedy a laAllen, the Liptons (Allen and Keaton), along with friend Ted (Alan Alda), become drawn deeper and deeper into the conspiracy which may have occurred in the next apartment. For more interest Ted would love to have an affair with Keaton, who shows no interest until Ted begins to date Marcia Fox (Anjelica Houston) who is interested in Allen. With all those pieces as background, Keaton leads Alda and Allen into the mystery.

Keaton remains a remarkable face on the screen. Her expressions and smile remain warm and fetching as they were in Annie Hall. As Carol Lipton she is reminiscent of Mrs. North (Mr. and Mrs. North) or Myrna Loy (The Thin Man) poking in and searching where she should mind her own business and drawing her husband and friend along with her. She even shows touches of Gracie Allen.

Woody Allen is at times somewhat irritating with his nervous stiletto jargon, particularly when the two are trapped in an elevator, but he is again perfect with his choice of music for the sound track. The music ranges from the "Overture" from "Guys and Dolls" to the remarkable performance of "(Sing, Sing, Sing With a Swing)" by Benny Goodman and His Orchestra to Rodgers and Hart's "Have You Met Miss Jones."

More of Keaton working with Allen material would be fine with me.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Manhattan Murder Mystery  B+                        B+ 

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