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A Man Apart

Vin Diesel seems to fill up the screen with his substantial presence.  His shoulders are broad, his voice so deep it's almost a growl and his swagger is sure - you just know that if you're the bad guy who crosses him, he'll be back to lump you up.

Here he plays Vetter, a DEA agent who along with his partner Hicks (Larenz Tate, who gets more screen time than "buddies-of-the-star" usually do) capture a major drug czar in the opening sequence.  The kingpin (Geno Silva) had controlled the cocaine flow from Columbia to Mexico and finally in the U.S. and the government had been trying to nab him for seven years.

He's a huge get, but as soon as he is put away for life, a new, more sinister force, by the name of El Diablo, takes his place.

Vetter is happily married (Jacquelin Obradors is his adoring wife) and there are a couple of scenes showing that, besides being a hard-nosed, macho cop, he has a softer side.

Something happens that makes Vetter's mission against the drug lord personal.  He does some of his investigating (if you call breaking a down door with semi-automatic guns blazing - investigating) outside the authority of his agency and takes his partner and a couple of colorful friends (one called "Sexy" is especially interesting) with him.

The plot isn't new, we've seen this rogue-cop-out-for-revenge before.  However, the settings are varied and textured, from Vetter's small beach house to the smoky Mexican dance clubs to the neighborhood where Sexy's little drug-sniffing dog tracks down a cache of drugs, each set is different and interesting.

Even though Diesel is pumped up and in great shape, his battles mostly involve guns rather than his brawn.  If you're a fan of actions films, Diesel has taken his place as the new heir apparent - so enjoy!

A Man Apart

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