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This comical parody of The Godfather works mildly well until Vincenzo Cortion (Lloyd Bridges) dies. At that point, the script runs out of punch and slowly dissolves into repetitive, limited jokes.

The folks who promoted the film should have done the writing, they cleverly provided a press kid written in Italian, and then a short time later wrote to all press stating: "Mama Mia! Il problema e stato coretto, Mea culpa!"  Included with the Italian apology was the English version of the press kit. A great attention getter.

Anthony Cortion (Jay Mohr) tells his family story beginning with his father being driven from Sicily and forced to swim to America.  Vincenzo is always on the look out for the man with one finger who is determined to destroy the powerful underworld Cortino family.

It's all here, the unfaithful brother, the gun hidden in a water closet, death in a tomato patch, the brassy blond wife named Pepper (Pamela Gidley), the sweet innocent girl named Diane (Christina Applegate) - who falls in love with Anthony, the wedding meetings, big band music and of course, murder.

In Mafia! it is over the top silly.  A parody of Forrest Gump using the name Florest and the unconventional marriage of the President of the United States to an underworld figure with all the obvious absurdities work well.  But equally, it is embarrassing to see Academy Award-winning actress Olympia Dukakis reduced to passing gas.

Even Spaghetti en la Sticko doesn't provide enough spice.  Mafia! quickly becomes warmed over pasta - dry, lifeless and without taste.

It is rated PG-13 for language.



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