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Made in America

Made in America
Whoopi Goldberg, Nia Long, Will Smith and Ted Danson

Rated: R For language and adult content.
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: May 28, 1993 Released by: Warner Brothers

Whoopi Goldberg plays Sarah, a Black widow with a pretty teenage daughter named Zora (Nia Long).

While checking her blood type in biology class, Zora finds out that her mother's husband couldn't possibly have been her father.

After much persuasion, Sarah tells her that she went to a sperm bank and doesn't know who the donor was. So, Zora convinces her friend (Will Smith - Fresh Prince of Bel Air) to take her to the sperm bank to find out who her daddy really is. She sneaks a look at the computer files and goes to meet her real dad, Hal Jackson.

Jackson (Ted Danson) turns out to be a big disappointment. He's the owner of a car dealership who makes embarrassing late night commercials using circus animals - and he's white!

There's a lot of yelling and arguing, until Sarah, Zora and Jackson finally make peace with their predicament.

Goldberg and Danson make an unlikely duo, but as they are a real like twosome, anything is possible.

The two are likable stars and newcomer Nia Long is a real charmer. However, I would have liked to have seen more of Will Smith.

The first half of the film is slapstick and Hal's character as a self-absorbed buffoon is annoying. As the tree come together, there are a couple of sweet, funny moments that almost make the picture worthwhile. Director Richard Benjamin doesn't seem quite sure whether to make an adult comedy or a heartwarming family picture. The adult theme and language rules out the family entertainment and it's not funny enough for it to be a straight comedy, so he misses on both scores.

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Made in America     C-                     C- 

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