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Lucky Numbers Lucky Numbers

Once again John Travolta proves he can pick the worst possible scripts and once again Lisa Kudrow proves she can play a bimbo.  Lucky Numbers is the most recent attempt by director Nora Ephron (Sleepless in Seattle, Michael) to showcase John Travolta as the usual nice guy with some problems.

The story revolves around Russ (Travolta), an aspiring game show host (perhaps sideshow barker would be a better description) who is currently doing the weather on a local TV station and is quite a celebrity in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  This “star” power has enabled Russ to have a reserved parking spot and a reserved table at Denny’s. This also has allowed Russ to operate a snowmobile business that, with no snow appearing, is melting away faster than a snowball in a steam room.  This sudden melt down of business forces Russ to examine “alternative” methods of saving his business and his lifestyle.

The love interest is Crystal (Lisa Kudrow) who is the station's lottery girl.  Crystal is not only Russ’s lover, but also the “toy” of the station manager and is willing to share her assets with anyone who can provide free services or items of desire for her.

After a disastrous attempt to have an acquaintance burglarize his snowmobile shop, Russ with the help of his strip club owner friend Gig (Tim Roth) enlist Crystal to help rig the lottery drawing.  Crystal and Russ agree to pay the wheezing dumb relative, played by Michael Morre, to pick the numbers already selected to win.  The result: a six million dollar ticket which he won't cash in until he gets a bigger piece of the pie.

One might expect to see dumb people doing dumb things, but more and more people get to know about the winning ticket and the method with which it was obtained.  Deal after deal is struck as body after body falls, all while the annoying oldies soundtrack plays.  This leads to a series of noise and action that ends up being a dumb story told by an idiot.

You’ll not find yourself liking anyone in this film, not that liking is a necessity...look at recent film The Way of the Gun...but in a comedy you should buy into at least one character.  It looks like if you are planning to see a Nora Ephron film, you have a slightly better chance of seeing a good film that you do in winning the lottery - but not much.

Lucky Numbers

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