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The Love Letter

It's a good thing for producer/star Kate Capshaw (Mrs. Steven Speilberg) that her little film is not vying for the same audience as the blockbuster Star Wars, Episode I.  Obviously made to appeal to women, it uses an anonymous letter to stir feelings in a sleepy new England seaside town.

Capshaw plays Helen, a divorced bookstore owner. She's uptight and focused, having no time for relationships. Tom Selleck co-stars as George, a fireman who's been in love with her since high school, but she doesn't give him the time of day.

The letter is found in the bookstore and everyone who reads it, assumes it was meant for them.  Including three of Helen's employees; portrayed by Ellen Degeneres, Julianne Nicholson and Tom Everett Scott, who plays 20 year old college boy, Johnny.

Helen and Johnny each think the letter was written by the other and in spite of their age difference, begin a passionate affair.

Helen is so selfish and sour, it's difficult to accept her as the object of affection by what appears to be the best looking men in town.

Blythe Danner has a small role as Helen's mother, and as always she's believable and classy.

I was looking forward to an irresistible romance, but The Love Letter just doesn't quite measure up.  Slow moving, it never involves you in these people's lives.  Like George, I kept waiting for things to heat up.

The Love Letter
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