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Love Crimes

Love Crimes
Sean Young and Patrick Bergin

Rated: R For explicit language and nudity.
Reviewed by: Frank and Chris  
Release date: January 24, 1992 Released by: Miramax

Atlanta D.A. Dana Greenway (Sean Young, No Way Out) makes a habit out of being at the scene of the crime when arrests are made, which doesn't sit well with the local police force. Because of her hands-on policy, when a number of women come to her office with complaints about a local photographer, she sets herself up as his next victim.

Patrick Bergin (the wacky husband from Sleeping With the Enemy) plays a man who picks up women, pretending to be a famous model's photographer. He then taunts them into humiliating poses and actions. However, none of the women want to press charges, because besides feeling demeaned by mim, they also feel flattered by his attention.

I was prepared to see a good psychological thriller; instead I saw one of the most disturbing films. It portrays women in the Atlanta/Savannah area as so in need of this weirdo's attention, they willingly disgrace themselves and then go to bed with him. This man manipulates women, degrades them, and steals from them - and goes along his merry way, which is bad enough. But then the film goes further by saying that the reason the women don't prosecute this creep, is that in their deepest fantasies, they wanted this to happen to them.

The direction (by Lissie Borden, the name alone should gibe a clue to the tone of this film) is muddled, there is no ending to the just stops. Also, when Greenway arranges a meeting with the guy, she hasn't thought of a plausible background for herself and she doesn't have a police back up. This movie is a totally uncomfortable experience.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Love Crimes  D-   D-                     D- 

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