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Love and Sex

Everything on screen in Love and Sex looks colorfully pleasant but it really seems like a more naughty episode of Friends.  Though it's slick and features much dialogue that gels with contemporary singles the unlikely, energetic pairing of Famke Janssen (X-Men) and Jon Favreau (Swingers) doesn't provide the emotional pull of an engaging comic duet.

This low budget mainstream independent feature from Valerie Breiman was scripted by her in three weeks and provides Janssen a chance to give the film's young female fan base a chance to see her in a more humorous light.  Here, she isn't telekinetic or erotically charged, but as Kate Welles, who writes about love and sex for something like "Cosmopolitan," she's prodded by her editor, a bitchy Ann Magnuson to rewrite a lurid sexual piece with insight into the modern dating world.

Maybe the drollest moment of Love and Sex comes at the start with Kate's first crush in school with a boy who takes exception to her expression of the tryst.

In fulfilling the editor's directive, she muses on her unsuccessful dating background which charts a liaison with a French instructor and her closest relationship which just concluded with Favreau's Adam, a visual artist who stokes nasty images on the canvas.  One gets to feel Kate's vulnerability as the towering Janssen and the stout Favreau play out a battle of the sexes.

The latter half of this short romantic comedy gets swifter, at the breakup of the more sexually experienced Kate and the boorish fellow who hasn't really come to terms with his real feelings.

The main concern of Love and Sex is bringing attention to what has caused heartache for those out to find their soul mate.  It gets a bit funky with Kate's asides from Nosferatu which baffles Hopkins' Joey Santino and there is an unpersuasive allusion to Woody Allen's Annie Hall that almost takes Favreau into caricature.

Yet, the unrecognized actress has range to get parts that might be of Sandra Bullock's taking.  Even if Love and Sex isn't as snappy and offbeat a romantic comedy as some, it resonates in episodic fashion with the small screen's Sex and the City.

Love and Sex

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