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Lost In Space

The epic voyage of the Space Family Robinson jumps to the big screen with more than 750 spectacular state-of-the-art special effects and a less than galactic story.

The familiar characters are Professor John Robinson (William Hurt), his wife Maureen (Mimi Rogers), their daughters Penny (Lacey Chabert) and Judy (Heather Graham) and son Will (Jack Johnson).  The heroic Major Don West (Matt LeBlanc) and arch villain Dr. Zachary Smith (Gary Oldman) round out the cast.  Connecting the big screen production to the TV series, are cameo appearances by Angela Cartwright, Mark Goodard, Marta Kristen, June Lockhart and, of course, the robot who constantly speaks of "Danger, Will Robinson".

The idea of a family caught together in a hostile atmosphere where they must work together is the underlying story.  It is played a bit too obviously toward the end, but it is the emotional core of the film.  The story is secondary to the hardware.  On the right screen with spectacular sound, it all appears to be as real as it can get.

The flight from a future Earth in the year 2058 is to take place because the Earth's environment will only provide life for the next 20 years.  The Robinsons' mission is to travel for 10 years to a distant planet which can be colonized and to create a port, or stargate, in space from which vehicles can travel instantaneously from the new location to a similar gate in orbit around the Earth.

Due to the actions of the villain, Dr. Smith, the mission is thrown off course and the family is Lost In Space.

With all the bells and whistles playing in harmony and the family working through conflicts, the action never stops.  The ending could have been more interesting, but overall, the spectacle of the effects, set designs, characters and aliens make being Lost In Space an enjoyable experience.

Lost In Space


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