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Lost and Found

This film starring David Spade can't make up its mind as to whether its an old fashioned romance or a dumb gross comedy.

Spade plays Dylan, a L.A. restaurant owner who never shows up to work.  He hangs out at his condo instead, where he meets and falls for French beauty Sophie Marceau.  She plays Lila, a cellist who performs at malls because she's too nervous to audition for an orchestra.

In an attempt to impress Lila and win her away from her rich boyfriend from France, Dylan kidnaps her dog and keeps him hidden in his apartment.  After a couple of hours, he plans to play the hero by pretending to find her missing dog and return him to her.  But, no matter how hard Dylan tries to portray himself as a caring nice guy, he still is a cad.

Spade is less annoying than usual by keeping his smirking wise cracks to a minimum, and Martin Sheen and Rosemarie of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" are fun additions.

The last twenty minutes have some laughs with Spade lip syncing to a Neil Diamond hit.  But, it can't make up for the gross parts involving trying to retrieve a diamond ring that the dog swallowed.

It is rated R for some nudity and profanity.

Lost and Found


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