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The Lizzie Mcguire Movie

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Straight from Disney Channel's "Lizzie McGuire" show, Hilary Duff stars in a delightful comedy.

Lizzie, looking older than her just graduated from junior high school age, heads off to Rome with her class to hopefully soak up some culture.

Their class supervisor is strict, by-the-books Miss Ungermeyer (played with a lot of gusto by Alex Borstein) who has the awesome task of keeping an eye on a large group of energetic teens, single-handedly.

Miss Ungermeyer's alertness, however almost upsets Lizzie and best friend Gordo's (Adam Lambert) plan to have a real adventure.  However, Lizzie does get to do something most young girls could only dream about.  She meets Paulo (Yani Gellman), a handsome young Italian who is one half of a popular European singing duo.  It seems that, except for her blond hair, Lizzie is a dead ringer for Paulo's partner, Isabella.

So Lizzie frequently sneaks out the luxurious hotel to meet with Paulo, who wants her to pretend she's Isabella at a big music award show.  This gives Lizzie a chance to try out some fancy dance moves, learn to lip sync and model a few outrageous outfits - all of which will please the eight to 15 year old girls the film is intended for.

Whenever Paulo takes Lizzie out, he of course acts like her travel guide, which gives us a chance to view the spectacular Italian beauty.

Lizzie is an appealing character with a bubbly personality and it's difficult to believe that she's klutzy and not part of the "in crowd" at school.  With Duff's perfect teeth, sparkling eyes and cute figure, she would probably be the most popular girl in school.

Even though I didn't see the film with a teenage girl, I thoroughly enjoyed it for what it is a light-hearted, fun fantasy.

The Lizzie Mcguire Movie

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