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Livin' Large

Livin' Large
T.C. Carson, Nathaniel Hall and Lisa Arrindell

Rated: R for language.
Reviewed by: Frank and Chris  
Release date: September 20, 1991

Terrence "T.C." Carson stars as a young ambitious black dry cleaner who dreams of becoming a television anchor man. He succeeds by grabbing a microphone from a dead TV reporter in a dangerous situation. He moves on a very fast track and his life and personality change as he rapidly moves up in the business.

With little imagination, pieces of Network are merged with a little morality play about retaining one's principles, and a Pinocchio-like character that changes in Carson's mind on a TV screen as he becomes increasingly "white". The morality is preached heavy and constantly and the characters have little or no dimension. They simply carry on, as silly as possible.

Livin' Large had no life in it.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Livin' Large  D   D                     D 

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