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The Little Vampire The Little Vampire

Jonathan Lipnicki, that spike haired blond, bespeckled cutie from Jerry Maguire, plays the character of Tony Thompson based on Angela Sommer Bodenburg's books for children.

Tony, a kid from California, moves to Scotland with his mother and father when his dad gets a job constructing a golf course.  He's a lonely kid who doesn't have any friends, is bullied at school and begins having dreams about vampires which gets his parents get upset with him.

During one of Tony's dreams, a bat flies into his room and turns into Rudolph, a boy vampire who becomes tony's friend.  Rudolph lives with his family of vampires under the local cemetery.  He and his mother (Alice Krige), father (Richard E. Grant), sister and brother have fangs, white faces, blackened eyes and sleep while hanging upside down.  Pretty scary stuff for young kids.

The story revolves around the vampire clan's amulet that has been missing for three centuries.  They need it for its magic powers that will be activated when a comet passes across the moon and, hopefully, will make them human again.  This script confused me, never mind the kids who are trying to follow it.

Tony helps to search for the stone leading him to rat infested, spider webbed basements and crypts, which add to the scare factor.

There's also a vampire hunter lurking around ready to strike a spike into the vampire family's hearts.  He's a dirty, snarling large man who looks like a character out of a Mad Max movie.

I liked the Scottish setting with its barren fields, seascapes, big stone mansions and old cemeteries, which gives a realistic and eerie feel to the film.  But, I also felt that the story is too confusing and scary for the youngsters for which it was made.

The Little Vampire

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