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Life With Mikey

Life With Mikey
Michael J. Fox, Nathan Lane, Christina Vidal and Cyndi Lauper

Rated: PG For language.
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: June 4, 1993 Released by: Touchstone Pictures

Michael J. Fox has finally found a film that showcases his comedic talent.

He plays Michael Chapman, a former child star who was in a popular sitcom called Life With Mikey.

Michael owns a children's talent agency with his brother (Nathan Lane) who puts in the long hours, sweat and dedication in running the business, while Michael's still trying to deal with adulthood.

The agency's one star is an obnoxious kid whose salary almost single-handedly pays the bills. He threatens daily to jump ship and sign with their competitor, so the Chapmans have to find a new star to keep the place open.

A funny bunch of hammy kids audition throughout the film. They twirl batons, belt out off-key tunes and tap dance across a mock stage, hoping for stardom. But it's Michael who discovers the child who promises to become a big success. She's cute little waif who picks his pocket on the New York streets. When Angie (Christina Vidal) convincingly hoodwinks a crowd of onlookers into believing that she's really sorry for her actions, Michael knows he's found his new star.

Vidal's a terrific little actress, she sassy without being bratty and she's believably streetwise.

Angie gravitates to Michael as a surrogate parent, as her mom is deceased and her dad's in an alcohol rehab center, and Michael also could use the structure Angie provides. He lives in a sloppy one-room apartment with an empty refrigerator (unless you want to count a carton of sour milk), he chain smokes and only shows up for work occasionally.

The relationship between Michael and Christina is natural and endearing, they really seem to care about one another.

Cyndi Lauper plays the agency's secretary and she's wonderfully ditzy and fun.

Life With Mikey is a cute film that's silly and sweet and will make Michael J. Fox's fans happy to see him in a hit.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Life With Mikey     A                     A 

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