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Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence star in this bitter sweet film about two men sentenced to life in prison.

Although the trailer leads you to believe that its a lively comedy, this is more of a drama with humor sprinkled through it.

The story begins in the 1930's and spans over 60 years.  New Yorkers Ray Gibson (Murphy) and Claude Banks (Lawrence) take a job picking up moonshine in Mississippi.  They stop at a local bar where they're framed for the murder of a card shark (played by Clarence Williams III).

Sent to a prison farm, the men embark on a lifelong bumpy relationship.  Claude never gets over blaming Ray for their incarceration and they snipe at each other continuously.  They periodically try to escape and the results are often comical.  Ray steals a crop duster and although he can't fly, he does make a valiant effort; and Claude makes a run for it when he can no longer resist a hot apple pie cooling on the Warden's window sill.

Makeup artist Rick Baker ages the men to a craggy 90 years.  His work is superb and the actors seem to enjoy hamming it up as old curmudgeons.

Director Ted Demme delivers an entertaining character study sweetened by the work of a couple of talented comedians.

It is rated R for profanity and some violence.



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