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Legally Blonde Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon may be a California blonde, but her Elle Woods is not clueless.

On the evening she expects to become engaged to her long time boy friend (Mathew Davis) he dumps her.  He's looking for a Vanderbilt type like his brother who is engaged to a proper young lady for a future politician.  Of course she looks like Eleanor Roosevelt.

Not one to give up, the pink loving blonde is determined to get her man back.  An idea comes to her while she converses on her pink fuzzy phone.  She's going to apply to Harvard Law.  With a 4.0  GPA that includes courses like the history of black and white dots, she enhances her application with a video (directed by a Coppola) featuring her in a pink bikini.  The admission committee accepts her.

So she is off to Harvard with her Chihuahua, Bruiser, and a forty foot van of stuff to help her enter the stuffy world her former lover is part of.

Elle doesn't change much but after stumbling initially and falling for the same playboy bunny trap Bridget Jones was caught up in, she gets serious.

She protects her hair dresser who has become a friend from a bullying former partner, frees a dog, and teaches the "Bend and Snap" (a system to show one's bust line to a potential suitor) to everyone at the hair salon.

While Legally Blonde never misses an opportunity for a gag, it moves toward respect from former enemies, allows a visit to Raquel Welch at a spa in the Berkshires, becomes Erin Brockovich, and teaches us that liposuction is a totally private matter.

We also learn as she becomes self confidant and wins a court case a-la Perry Mason, that she can change the life of a nerd with a slap in the face, while not forgetting that Cosmo girls know the rules of hair.

Reese Witherspoon rules with legal laughter.

Legally Blonde

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