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Leaving Normal

Marianne (Meg Tilly), a runaway abused wife meets up with cocktail waitress Darly (Christine Lahti) in Normal, Wyoming.  Darly, on her way to reclaim her property in Eternity Bluffs, Alaska, gives Marianne a lift.

They are complete opposites.  Darly is brash, cynical and speaks her mind and Marianne is sweet and gullible.

On their way to Alaska, they meet up with some off-the-wall characters, a poetry-writing trucker and an upbeat, fired waitress who believes her true love will find her one day, to name a couple.

Lahti gives a forceful performance and Tilly is great; her vulnerable, tearful, yet optimistic Marianne is wonderfully moving.

Because this is a road picture with two female leads, it's being compared to Thelma and Louise, but they are miles apart; wherin the latter is about woman running away from everything, this film is about women escaping to find something better.  They are looking for friendship, family and roots; and if we get to see some terrific scenery along the way - all the better.

It is rated R for language.

Leaving Normal

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