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The Last Shot
The Last Shot
Starring Matthew Broderick, Alec Baldwin, Toni Collette,
Jesse Burch, Calista Flockhart, Tony Shalhoub

In 1985 in front of Sparks Steak House, three underworld figures are gunned down. Over that action credits run on tickets and soda bottles. Another assault takes place in a projection booth as hotdogs dance on the screen and a dog commits suicide in a hot tub. If it sounds eccentric, off-beat maybe nuts, it is.

It all turns on a plot by the FBI thought up by agent Joe Diving (Alec Baldwin) which has the bureau financing a film to catch bribes being paid to teamsters (they drive the trucks necessary for the filming) through an underworld character in Providence.

The fake film script is titled “Arizona” but it will be filmed in Providence, Rhode Island where the gangsters operate. The lead character in the film is called Charlotte initially assigned to Calista Flockhart but stolen by Toni Collette, who plays a big star who needs a part.

The lead is called Charlotte because the screen writer (Matthew Broderick) was reading “Charlotte’s Web” to his kids while developing the project. The sting project looks so good “The Dentists” who are the investors (really the FBI) expand to other locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Joe Divine’s brother who owns half the script leaves his wild west show to come east and gum up the works. The world believes the film project is real even when a scene at the Grand Canyon is set to be filmed in Rhode Island. Borrowing from Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway, Baldwin’s FBI character wants the film to happen even when “The Dentists” want to pull the plug.

Over all writer/director Jeff Nathanson’s screen play is nuts and at the same time strongly compelling and we find ourselves foolishly hoping for the for the screenplay and the performers who have all their hopes wrapped up in the fantasy project.

The Last Shot

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