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The Last Action Hero

The Last Action Hero
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austin O'Brien, Little Richard, Jim Belushi, Chevy Chase, Hammer and Sharon Stone

Rated: PG-13  
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: June 18, 1993 Released by: Columbia Pictures

This is the most clever and interesting script Arnold Schwarzenegger has produced to date but when all the parts are put together it doesn't work.

Danny Madigan (Austin O'Brien) an 11-year-old fan of action film hero JackSlater (Schwarzenegger) is given a magic ticket which allows Danny to enter the action on the screen. Danny and Jack spend most of the movie fighting the two dimensional villains in the Jack Slater movie in the movie. That may be the major problem. Watching a movie, the audience knows it's not real but watching a movie in a movie removes the action geometrically from the audience and the Jack Slater action has little emotional effect.

When Slater and Danny return to the real movie world, Slater meets Arnold Schwarzenegger when Arnold and his wife, Maria Shriver, are in danger from one of the Slater villains. It's not as confusing as it sounds but the film in a film does muddle the action.

Fifteen cameos including Little Richard, Jim Belushi, Chevy Chase, Hammer, Sharon Stone and cartoon characters make appearances. They help create some interesting situations but probably add to the confusion. Schwarzenegger deserves an A for effort but no prize for the final product.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
The Last Action Hero  C-                        C- 

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