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The Ladies Man The Ladies Man

The Ladies Man is a feature length spin off from TV's Saturday Night Live, starring Tim Meadows as Leon Phelps, a radio DJ, who gives out explicit sex advice to the lovelorn between playing discs.

Phelps is stuck in the 1970's, not only in his choice of music, but in his appearance.  He likes flashy tight polyester shirts, flared pants and a mile high afro.  But, whatever he looks like, he's doing something right, because the ladies love him.

He gets sacks of fan mail and can't remember all of his conquests, but that doesn't save his job, when the FCC fines the station again and again for Phelp's dirty talk.  Both he and his pretty producer Julie (Karyn Parsons) are fired.

The rest of the flimsy script is taken up by Phelps and Julie attempting to get other jobs, and a bunch of irate husbands trying to find Phelps to kill him.

The SNL skits are funny in small doses, but not in full length.

Billy Dee Williams has a small role as a bar owner and narrator, and a few SNL castmates appear in a humorous bit as husbands out for revenge, break into song and dance a la West Side Story while on their way to beat up Phelps.

Meadows is a likable comedian but his Phelps character is not ready for prime time.

The Ladies Man

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