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Knockaround Guys

Knockaround Guys

After sitting on the shelf for two years at New Line Cinema, the sudden star power of both Vin Diesel (XXX) and Seth Green (Austin Powers and The Spy Who Shagged Me) allowed what can only be regarded as an attempt to get back some of the money used to make this film.

The film revolves around a group of Mob sons who can not get “real” jobs due to their last names and fathers' reputations and also can not get jobs with the “mob” because they get no respect from their parents.

With stars like John Malkovich and Dennis Hopper as the mob parents the film had possibilities and was entertaining for the first half.  It is during this half that the film's approach is light hearted and humorous as mob son Matty (Berry Pepper) finally get a chance to prove his worth by arranging transport for a bag of cash cross country.

The humor is that Matty chooses his friend (another mob son) Johnny Marbles to fly the money to its destination.  Problem is that when faced with refueling in Montana he gets nervous when the local police happen to be in the same building as he and he looses track of the money.

Calling for assistance, he soon has Matt and muscle show up to help as well as a smooth talking mob boy named Chris.  The muscle is, as expected, provided by Diesel's character Taylor.  The group of individuals stands out in this small Montana town like a flamingo in a can of white paint.

This is also where the film turns violent and dark.  What a shame the light hearted mood from the earlier part of the film could not be maintained as these mob wannabes reign control of the lost money.

As always, keep the popcorn hot, the soda cold and look for me in the back row, three seats in.

Knockaround Guys

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