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The Kid Stays in the Picture

The Kid Stays in the Picture

It's hard not to stay glued to the life of Robert Evans in the mirthfully self-serving, quite polished biopic The Kid Stays in the Picture.

Based on his own biography, the bawdy events surrounding famous Hollywood producer is irreverently subjective.  Directors and producers Brett Morgen and Nanette Burstein expertly utilize old footage, re-enactments and photos to add dynamism to the baritone of the frank, humorous discourse supplied by Evans.

So much has happened to Evans, still looking good at 72.  Once romantically linked with Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly, he wed Ali MacGraw and became a maverick at Paramount Pictures.  During his reign, he helped produce indelible films of the 70's like Love Story, The Godfather, and Chinatown.

His big break came pool side by Norma Shearer in Beverly Hills who suggested to movie mogul Darryl F. Zanuck that the handsome young man would be right for the film The Sun also Rises which came out in 1957.

Morgen and Burstein work in some arty kinetic energy in chronicling Evans' highs and lows, mostly over two event-filled decades.  He scored masterfully at Paramount, but a big cocaine habit dragged him down.

Even if this transformation seems hokey, Evans has the ego to make it all worth savoring on the big screen displaying a keen sense of humor for the glamorous gratification and hardship endured in the show biz capital of the world.

The Kid Stays in the Picture

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