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The Kid The Kid

When eight year old Rusty (Spencer Breslin) appears on Russ Duritz's (Bruce Willis) door step he challenges the forty year old successful image maker's philosophy of life.

The little Rusty, turns out to be Russ' eight year old self who complains that this forty year old adult is a loser because he has no dog, no girl and his left eye twitches.  If the kid is right, Russ has spent thirty two years on the wrong success track.  As a PR consultant, he straightens out a weepy governor and saves the image of a greedy sports team owner with cream pies.  On a flight he attempts to avoid Dierder Lafever (Jean Smart), a blond TV anchor woman, with a southern "y'all" greeting.  But Dierder presses him for free advice and he delivers suggestions with out sympathy; she needs: a change in hair style, different eye color, new make up and she should keep the "y'all".  When she uses the suggestions they work and Smart's Dierder, which is the best performance in the film, turns up later as one of the mysterious occurrences which change Russ' life.

Under the direction of Jon Turteltaub we see a school yard fight, a dog named tripod, a red airplane named Rusty (which serves as Russ' "Rosebud"), and another dog named Chester all fold together into a redeeming ending.

But between the interesting opening and the generational ending, we are forced to witness repetitive arguments between Rusty and Russ about everything from dogs to love.

If we can get through the middle, the ending is worth watching as we see the forty year old kid grow up.

The Kid

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