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Kentucky Fried Movie

Kentucky Fried Movie is not for everyone; it will be enjoyed mostly by college-age people.

The film is one big put down of current television programming and movies, in a series of short segments.  Television news, commercials and drama are particularly hard hit.

Some of the vignettes are: a television news studio in which a large ape who was to be shown as part of an animal collection breaks loose, chases girls and generally destroys the studio while the anchor girl attempts to keep the program on the air.  Henry Gibson plugs a society for the preservation of the dead.  The main feature of the film is "A Fist Full of Yen", a short film which pokes fun at the Bruce Lee films which have saturated the screen as of late.  Tony Dow recreates his role as Wally Cleaver, Beaver's older brother from early television.

The final sequence depicts a late-night television news team viewing through the television screen from their studio, a couple on a couch who are paying no attention to the news at all.

The final scene and other similarly exposed scenes along with language are responsible for the R rating.  Those who enjoy this type of put down entertainment will find the film filled with laughs and fun.

Kentucky Fried Movie

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