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Kangaroo Jack

Kangaroo Jack

Jerry Bruckheimer's newest film (yes, the same Bruckheimer of Black Hawk Down fame) just proves that there's a shortage of good PG rated movies out there.

Jerry O'Connell (TV's "Crossing Jordan") stars as Charlie, a Brooklyn hairdresser and Anthony Anderson co-stars as his childhood friend, Louis.  They are supposed to do a favor for Charlie's gangster step-father (played by the multi-talented Christopher Walken, who provides the one enjoyable character in this comedy) by delivering $50,000 to Australia.

The money is in Louis' jacket and while traveling through the countryside, the two goof-offs think that they have killed a kangaroo with their vehicle (something that happens often in the land down under).  When they stop to check out the poor animal, it takes off with Louis' jacket containing the loot.

With the help of the beautiful Estella Warren, a wildlife conservationist, they attempt to retrieve the money, but the marsupial outsmarts the humans at every turn.

There's the usual animal bodily functions jokes, involving a giraffe, no less, which younger kids might find amusing.  But, even my six year old companion was bored after sitting through only one half hour of the silly chase scenes.

Kangaroo Jack

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