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K2: The Ultimate High

K2 is the second highest mountain in the world at 28,250 feet.  Everest is 29,028 feet, but its shape makes it easier to climb than K2.  K2 is not visible from any inhabited place on Earth, and for centuries remained a mystery.  It has never been given a local name and K2 (Karakoram peak 2) is its original survey number given during its first documented sighting in 1856.

The film is about a team which attempts to climb the difficult peak.  Taylor Brooks (Michael Biehn of Terminator) is a Washington State Assistant District Attorney who is not shy about getting whatever he wants.  He is impulsive and brash.  His friend and teammate on K2, Harold Jamison (Matt Craven), is quiet and devoted to his wife and child.

Their relationship enters into the plot but the film is the danger, action, and challenge they and the other members of their party face as they scale K2.

This is a well directed action adventure and it's real.  There's nothing fake here.  There are no monsters except the ice, cold and wind.  A great adventure movie, K2 should be on your list of must see.

It is rated R for language.

K2: The Ultimate High

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