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Juwanna Mann

Miguel A. Nunéz, Jr. plays Jamal Jeffries, a professional basketball star whose outrageous behavior gets him bounced from the game.  His grandstanding and loud mouth are almost too much for his teammates and coach to stand, but the last straw is when Jamal takes off his uniform and shakes his butt at the fans in anger.

Nunéz must be extremely proud of his physical attributes, because his butt gets more screen time than most of his costars.

Jamal is permanently suspended and loses his money, mansion and fair weather girlfriend in the bargain.  He wants to play again and comes up with the idea of dressing like a woman and joining the women's pro team.

Before you can say "cross dresser" Jamal borrows his aunt's wig, dress and heels and becomes "Juwanna Mann",  female basketball player extraordinaire.

He tries out for the fictional Charlotte Banshees and is given a contract on the spot.  He just has to remember not to dunk.  His agent (Kevin Pollack) also reminds him to keep a low profile, but to someone with a giant ego, that is a tall order.

After a few shaky games, Juwanna learns how to play nice with the other team members.  Everything seems to be fine with his professional life, but his personal life could use some help.  Especially when the beautiful teammate (Vivica A. Fox) he'd like to have a little one-on-one with  thinks he's a woman.

There is potential for some funny moments, like when Juwanna is in the woman's shower room, or when she's fixed up on a date with a gold-toothed rapper, but the scenes fall flat.

Nunéz makes a pretty believable woman, but the premise has been done many times before and, unfortunately, they've all been better.

It is rated PG-13 for language and sexual content.

Juwanna Mann

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