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Just Visiting Just Visiting

The roots of Just Visiting come from Les Visiteurs a classic French blockbuster filled with physical comedy that became a cultural phenomenon.  Count Thibault of Malfete (Jean Reno) and his servant Andre (Christian Clavier) who live in a land described by a narrator as a world from "The Canterbury Tales" are given a potion by a ragged wizard with a wort on her chin causing Thibault to attack his lady love.  The good wizard (Malcolm McDowell) accidentally transports them to modern day Chicago rather than sending them back one day to undo the evil wizard's work.

The knight and his stinky peasant find themselves in a city in which Bon Jour has no meaning. They wake up in a museum headed by Dr. Brady (George Plimpton) and Julia Malfete (Christina Applegate), who shares Thibault's family tree and looks just like his lady back where he believes his future lies.

The two heroes form the past quickly kill an SUV as they spout "courage is our creed" and in the best comedy scenes they take a bath at Julia's home filled with two thousand dollars worth of Channel #5.  While the two heroes drink from the toilet, McDowell's wizard follows them through time as he did in the film Time After Time.

The boys from the past don't quite fit in the upscale Latour's restaurant, as Andre sits on the floor because he is not a noble and eats scraps thrown to him by Thibault.  Each burps and passes gas after the satisfying meal, a tradition from their culture which does sit well with the pompous  management at Latour's.

No explanation is given for the visitors use of English, but we get over that watching the two transplanted to a society which does not fit their understanding, confuses them and leaves the rest of us laughing.

The money hungry boyfriend, Hunter (Matthew Ross), and his sexy mistress (Bridgett Wilson- Sampras) have wasted parts except for calling Julia "Bunny" and finding out that she can become a tiger when provoked and inspired by her great ancestor Thibault.  On the other hand Tara Reid's Angelique provides a perfect balance for servant Andre's liberation when she is perceive as a slave to the property owners next door.  With jewels from a goblet the two take their Chrysler Prowler to the modern Mecca called Las Vegas.

On horse back Thibault and Julia travel on State Street toward Michigan with hope for restoration of his place in time.  Later we learn that the first kiss of true love as in Snow White can surmount any problem, even in a film set in modern Chicago that leaves us laughing.

Just Visiting

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