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Just Married

Just Married

Just Married chronicles the honeymoon of a newlywed couple the way National Lampoon's Vacation does the Griswold family.  Staring Ashton Kutcher of "That '70s Show," and Brittany Murphy of 8 Mile we see a loving couple starting their life with an unwanted guest: Murphy.

Murphy's law of anything that can go wrong will go wrong is displayed with zeal here.  The fist day of the honeymoon is destroyed when Kutcher burns out an Alps chateau's electrical system by plugging in a sex toy designed for US electrical plugs.  It only get worse from here.  In an attempt to regain the happy times of a honeymoon, our loving couple ends up in a real dump as a result of the groom's father's suggestion.  Not only is it a dump, but the rooms come complete with pets - cockroaches the size of small dogs.  Add into the mix an ex-lover sent by the bride's father to further complicate things and this couple goes home not even speaking to each other.  Fear not for yet again love conquers all in the end.

While there are some very tender and warm moments at the beginning of the film, the predictable sight gags and poor script combined with an attempt to be funny all the time this film could easily have been a “That ‘70’s Show” dream sequence for Kelso or Forman and played well.  As a movie, Just Married is just not funny enough.

Just Married

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