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Just Go With It

Just Go With It
Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Nick Swardson and Brooklyn Decker

Rated: PG-13  
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: Feburary 11, 2011 Released by: Columbia

We know from the beginning what's about to happen, so the film is about a journey to get two people together and live happily ever after. Part of what we see tickles us and brings us to laughter, but what remains is bland enough to put us to sleep.

Part of the fun is the practice of plastic surgery by Dr. Danny (Adam Sandler) who introduces unusual patients to the story. His own family has Jimmy Durante size honkers. His is changed but Mom and Dad keep theirs into the last scene. He and Katherine, his assistant (Jennifer Aniston), work to change a woman who has significant size differences in her breast and unusual style underwear. The best joke is on his best friend who had his private parts enlarged while Katherine held the magnifying glass.

This is about a half movie, at times the stunts and situations work quite well, but the banter some of which was not part of the script appear like filler in dog food.

The entire premise is based on a lie that he is married but not really, he just wears a wedding ring because it gets him sympathy with the chicks. When he meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker-Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret model) he is finally ready to settle down, but now the ring and the lie take over. He apparently did not figure out that continuing a lie leads to more and more problems.

To help bail him out, Katherine agrees to act as his former wife but it costs him $1700 for a pair of shoes and $12,000 for a suite in Hawaii. Hawaii gives director Dennis Dugan the opportunity to get Decker and Aniston in bathing suits but he doesn't give us much more.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Just Go With It  C                  C+      C+ 

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