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Jurassic Park III Jurassic Park III

Question: How many times have we seen a great movie followed by mediocre or worse sequels?

Answer: Too many!

Jurassic Park III (JP3 for short) is just another example of Hollywood scraping the bottom of the barrel to pry our hard earned dollars from us.  The original Jurassic Park was a state of the art thrill ride brought to life on screen, while its current version lacks imagination, thrills, and even good special effects.

These special effects are what Jurassic Park was all about.  Have you ever really seen a dinosaur?  Did you feel like you did after the original - I know I did, but the JP3 dinosaurs were almost plastic by comparison to Disney's Dinosaur.  Where were the geniuses at Industrial Light and Magic; was this their “B” team?  The blue screen effects were horrible and thanks to a lousy script and the acting skills of Téa Leoni you will find yourself rooting for the dinosaurs and thankful the film is barely 90 minutes.

To recap the film, Dr. Grant (Sam Neill)  from the original is conned into going to the restricted Isla Sorna off Costa Rica where InGen had a second lab (InGen created the dinos in the original).  The real story is that the con by loving parents Paul Kirby (William H. Macy) and Amanda (Téa Leoni) turns into a kidnapping and Dr. Grant is forced to help search for a lost child.  As endearing as this sounds, the script kills the suspense and any tenderness you might expect.  Crash landing on the island, as expected, the new comers (Michael Jeter, John Diehl) soon become snacks for the new “super predator” that even kills a T-Rex.  Unfortunately, our lovable villains the raptors can not save this film.  Raptors carry a lot of the film, but its been seen before and been done better.  When the pteranodon fly on to the screen you'll know for sure ILM has not done their best work here as they lack muscle tone, skin quality and realistic motion; but I digress.  While trying to get out alive, the child is found and thanks to Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern, a brief and well played cameo) our rescuers are saved by the Navy and Marines.  There is not much else to tell, except that the end almost promises a JP4.  Let's hope they commit to a good script, get Spielberg back to direct, create truly special effects and continue to leave Jeff Goldblum as missing in action.

In short, you have dumb people tramping and yelling on an Island where they are not the top of the food chain, merely appetizers, getting chased and eaten and you know they are none the smarter for the experience.  Sound like the next phase in "Reality TV”?  I can see it now: Survivor 7 - Escape from Dinosaur Island.

Jurassic Park III

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