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Joe Somebody

Joe Somebody

In an unfortunate twist of fate, it seems that Tim "The Tool Man" Allen has just become Somebody.  Based around a character name Joe Scheffer, Joe Somebody is not a holiday treat, but a turkey.

Joe is a "communications specialist" at a drug company who has the misfortune to get by in life by doing just what is necessary.  This lack of motivation carries over to his personal life resulting in a divorce where he shares custody of his daughter Natalie (Hayden Panettiere).  While bringing Natalie to work, Joe challenges Mark, the office bully, for taking a parking space he was not to have used and in the process gets, for the lack of a better term I'll use the film's description, bitch slapped twice in front of his daughter while offering no resistance.

Utterly humiliated Joe goes home and has a "little" breakdown while hiding from everyone and cleaning, painting and otherwise being obsessive.  Finally, Joe decides that he must reclaim his manhood and fight Mark again.  To accomplish this feat, Joe enlists the help of former action star Chuck Scarett (Jim Belushi) to teach him one-on-one the science of martial arts.  This sequence does get a few laughs but not enough to deserve the comedy talents of Belushi.

The real problem with Joe Somebody is that it goes nowhere!  The messages in the film are confusing and jumbled.  One minute it's OK to beat the bully, the next you have to have a sensitive side, the next you must show your daughter you are a man, the next you must show the world and your new love interest that you are above physical violence while actually using violence to settle another long over due score with the company weasel.

Much of the character interaction is good, especially with Joe and daughter Natalie, not to mention Joe and his instructor Chuck.  What a pity the love story is so weak and the ex-wife is not used to full potential.  In short, this is the type of film you get when you attempt nothing more than a feel good film that is so politically correct it hurts.  Someone should truly pluck this turkey from the theaters before Allen is embarrassed anymore.

Joe Somebody

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