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Joe Dirt Joe Dirt

David Spade's Joe Dirt, a loser with a heart, is easy to like.

In 1975, as a 10 year old, he was abandoned by his parents at the Grand Canyon.  Convinced that it was just a mistake, Joe spends his lifetime attempting to find them.

With a millet hairdo, tank tops and a love of rock and roll, he's a born red neck dude.

Wandering the countryside to make enough money to have a sketch artist draw his parents from memory (Joe can't remember their last name because its different from his), he works as a janitor, carnival worker and crocodile trainer.

His various jobs give him a chance to meet some colorful characters, like an alcoholic backwoodsman (Joe Don Baker) and his beautiful daughter (Jamie Pressly), a tap dancing school janitor (Christopher Walken) and a American Indian firework salesman.

Joe ends up telling his tale of woe on-air to a radio D.J. (Dennis Miller) and becomes a cult hero.

Co-written by Spade, there's a lot of self deprecating humor, which gives a real humanity to down-on-his-luck Joe.  Spade leaves behind his usual smug smirk and comes up with a funny character.

Even though Joe is continually made fun of, bullied, or beaten up, and he's often covered with mud, dirt or other gross substances, the little guy with a positive attitude rocks.

Joe Dirt

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