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Jimmy Neutron

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

The Nickelodeon/Paramount animated feature Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius provides comedy and a touch of science for both kids and their parents.

Jimmy Neutron is a boy genius accompanied by his robot dog, Goddard as he battles evil, saves his parents and saves the Earth.  At the same time Jimmy is an ordinary kid with a group of friends from school.

Jimmy Neutron first appeared in a 1995 40-second video called "Runaway Rocket Boy."  He lives in the perfected town, Retroville with manicured lawns and pastel colored houses. The town is a place where kids can hop on their bikes and be gone until dinnertime without their parents worrying unless there is an invasion of slimy, green, alien egg people.

Then, Jimmy and his friends who are semi-outcasts use his brainiac scientific knowledge and his underground lab to concoct an innovative space convoy to search for and retrieve their parents from the slimy, green, alien egg people.

Jimmy Neutron is simply animated and has a feel of a simpler time, yet it holds the interest of kids and adults.  It is particularly interesting when he uses the edge of technical theory to make a satellite from a toaster and to launch it into space using the escaping gas from a punctured can of soft drink.

Jimmy Neutron is not only retro filming it is retro TV but that doesn't matter, in fact it enhances the joy of watching animated kids doing bright interesting things.  Jimmy is worth the visit.

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

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