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Jeepers Creepers Jeepers Creepers

The film opens on a remote road with Darry (Justin Long), a wise-cracking teenager, driving his sister Trish (Gina Phillips) home from college in her clean 1960 Chevy.

They're calling each other names and making the best of a long boring trip when out of nowhere a dented, dirty gray truck resembling an armored car, comes careening after them.  The driver smashes the back of their car, forcing them off the road and then speeds off.

Up the road, Trish and Darry soon meet up with the tall, burly figure with long gray hair.  He's throwing what seems to be two bodies, wrapped in sheets and tied with ropes, down a large pipe sticking out of an abandoned churchyard.

As in every other scary movie the hero does an incredibly stupid thing, Darry decides to take a closer look into the pipe, even after his sister reminds him that it is usually the downfall of heroes in all horror movies when they take an action they shouldn't!

I won't give away what he finds down there, but the experience leaves him in shock.  The creature, who resembles a cross between Freddie Krueger and a devil, selects one of the teens as his next victim and pursues the two of them from one small red neck town to the next.

Produced by Francis Ford Coppola's production company, the story shows early promise of a good scare and the film does have some frightening moments (Eileen Brennan as a weird cat lady, is an added bonus), but, jeepers, the last quarter of the film fails to deliver any creepers.

Jeepers Creepers

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