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Jason X

Jason X

Jason X, the tenth installment on the Friday the 13th franchise, is a bit of a departure from the usual slash and gash films.  Apart from the typical formula of teens trapped and a deranged and unstoppable killer on the prowl Jason X is uniquely different.

The film begins with Jason being held by a government organization that is trying to discover how he can live and repair the damage to his body so quickly.  The year is around 2012 and greed is still the driving force as attempts to put Jason on ice, literally, by freezing him into a giant meat-sicle and ridding society of this killing machine are thwarted by people looking to engineer soldiers that are also unstoppable.  Jason in a very Hannibal Lector restraint system manages to escape, kill dozens, only to end up frozen with the doctor that wanted him frozen in the first place.

Jump ahead  to 2455 and a team of college anthropologists discover on a barren and destroyed Earth, the frozen bodies of Jason and the doctor who was frozen with him.  As expected science has progressed and the good doctor Rowan (Lexa Doig of TV's Andromeda) is brought back to life while Jason is left for dissection in another room.

Big mistake to think Jason is dead, but they do not know who he is.  Oddly enough the Professor in charge of this expedition finds out and learns he can sell Jason to a modern day circus for tons of money.  Again greed costs life as Jason works his way through the coeds, ships crew and military attachment.  Luckily many of the kills are done with a bit of a twist and some humor.  One in particular is the head Marine who gets stabbed once and says that won't stop him, but when gouged again says "That should do it"; it is so damn funny I almost choked.

All the action takes place on the way to Earth 2 (I guess we found another planet to kill after doing in the original) and makes no pretense of being an Oscar winner.  Taking shots at being clever and funny with lines like "Be glad you weren't alive during the Microsoft conflict.  We were beating each other with our severed limbs" or the holographic scene from one of the original Friday the 13th films of two pretty and naked girls offering Jason sex and pot as they climb into their sleeping bags - this is classic B film humor.

In the end, like all Jason films, the good doctor escapes and a piece of Jason survives, fallen from space into a pond and witnessed by, who else, a pair of teenage lovers in the woods.  Always room for more Jason it seems.

In short, don't expect lots of blood and gore.  Don't expect great acting.  Don't expect a great and new story.  Expect some old school special effects and some real humor.

Jason X

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