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I Spy I Spy

Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson add a funny touch to the old TV favorite that starred Bill Cosby and Robert Culp.

Murphy plays fast-talking prize fighter Kelly Robinson, who is about to defend his title in Budapest.  He's asked by the U.S. President to help government agent Alexander Scott (Wilson) gain entry to a private party in that country, where bad guy Gundars (Malcolm McDowell) is going to show up.

Gundars stole an invisible spy plane and intends to sell it to the highest bidder, but with the team of Robinson and Scott on the job to stop him, the world may or may not be safe.

The plot is old hat and a bit of a drag.  It does perk up however, whenever Wilson and Murphy go at each other with smart remarks.  They are two funny guys and probably because of their opposite styles, their banter works.  Wilson is more low key and Murphy is over-the-top; together they mesh perfectly.

Murphy's character is blustery and egotistical and Robinson uses his big ego to rope him in more and more, until sometimes he even calls the shots.  Robinson is funniest when lamenting the fact that he's treated like a second-rate spy by his organization.  Instead of getting the "007" type gadgets that Carlos, the "star" spy does, he's assigned broken down, old-fashioned equipment.  I laughed when he picks up one of Carlos' super small secret cameras, and compares it to the humongous model he gets.

I Spy isn't as slick as it could have been, but the two stars give it enough energy to make it entertaining and fun.

I Spy

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