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I Saw The Devil

I Saw The Devil
Lee Byung-hyun and Choi Min-sik

Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: March 4, 2011 Released by: Magnolia

This murderous South Korean tale comes from the accomplished Kim Ji-Woon (A Tale of Two Sisters).
I Saw The Devil (in Korean with English subtitles) stars Choi Min-sik (of the grotesque, yet very powerful "Oldboy") as serial killer Kyung-chul who offs Ju-Yeon, the pregnant fiancee of a government agent (Lee Byung-hun) who has been tracking him.
Once the agent gets to him and leaves him alive enough to escape with a homing device, more horrific crimes will be committed. Apparently, so that Kyung-chul can experience what the victims did (before their demise).
I Saw The Devil obviously is not for the faint of heart and has the length of some epic-minded features. As much as this is consistent guttural horror, a dextrous Ji-Woon and his capable actors make it diabolically twisted cat-and-mouse pulp augmented by a moody soundtrack. In a strangely masterly, one is held prisoner by a well-executed shocker of bloody revenge.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
I Saw The Devil        B                  B 

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