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In The Cut
In the Cut
Starring Meg Ryan, Mark Ruffalo, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Jason Leigh,
Nick Damici, Sharrieff Pugh, Sunrise Coigney

Jane Campion's latest attempts to make a thriller out of a sexual odyssey in the serial killer genre. The New Zealand director and co-writer has Meg Ryan doing something Diane Keaton did back in the 70's, making conflict and explicit moments coalesce. But the story and heavy-handed direction gives In The Cut an awkward, unoriginal quality that even Ryan, going against type, can't save.

It starts with Ryan's Frannie Avery, an English teacher, witnessing sex between a man and a woman in a seedy tavern. Later she learns that the woman involved has been brutally murdered, maybe by the good-looking cop (Mark Ruffalo) who is on the case. Strangely, Frannie is drawn into a Looking For Mr. Goodbar life with his darkly attractive quality.

Kevin Bacon provides some noteworthy support and Jennifer Jason Leigh as Frannie's half-sister and a menacing figure has some very odd scenes that work into symbolism that gets way to pretentious. In The Cut has graphic dialogue and crime scenes that leave a tale that is very predictable. Maybe Ryan could have taken a risk in another projection that could have made being "bad" better for her career but this vehicle doesn't. Even the usually reliable Ruffalo doesn't help this failed attempt.

In the Cut

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