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Inspector Gadget

Matthew Broderick has a dual role as the innocent hero Inspector Gadget and his evil robotic twin in this live action Disney film.

Based on the TV cartoon that had Don Adam's distinctive voice as the good inspector, this version is chock full of stunts and special effects which are sure to delight the youngsters.

Broderick starts out as a sweet security guard who gets blown up by the diabolical Dr. Claw (Rupert Everett) having the time of his life playing a sneering bad guy.  Professor Brenda (Joley Fisher) puts him back together using gears and wind up parts, which transforms him into a mechanical good guy.

Gadget wants to be taken seriously as a policemen and intends to nab Dr. Claw, but first he has to prove he's more than a bumbling idiot to his captain (Danbney Coleman).

He uses all of his newly acquired body parts to help him bring in The Claw and his look-a-like invention, who's setting the city on fire.  Helicopter blades pop out of his hat, grappling hooks extend from his arms and giant springs appear magically from his shoes, just in the nick of time.

And just like a smart partner, Gadget has a car that drives itself and tuns into a jail cell in a pinch, to help him out of tight spots.

Non-stop inventive action will keep the kid's attention and some neat dialogue, including a voice over by Don Adams himself, makes Inspector Gadget a fun experience.

Inspector Gadget


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