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The In-Laws

The In-Laws

Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks star in this fun remake of the 1979 film that originally starred Alan Arkin and Peter Falk.

Douglas is Steve Tobias, an undercover CIA agent whose son (Ryan Reynolds) is marrying mild-mannered, stay-at-home podiatrist, Jerry Peyser's (Brooks) daughter (Lindsay Sloane).

Steve is a father who pretty much has been out of the picture.  Continually traveling to far away places while performing dangerous feats on each secret mission, he decides to give his son his full attention for just one week during the wedding hoopla.  That is, once he winds up the big case he's working on.

Jerry, on the other hand , is so involved with his daughter and her wedding, he's almost single-handedly planning the whole thing.

Upon meeting Steve, Jerry takes an immediate dislike to him.  He's everything that Jerry is not; he's loud, touchy-feely and adventuresome; so of course, the two men are forced together.  Steve whisks Jerry along on a private jet to France to meet with a gay drug dealer (David Suchet - TV's "Hercule Poirot" in a funny, over-the-top performance).  The rest of the film revolves around the silly circumstances they find themselves in and how Jerry deals with it.  Looking quite fit, Douglas easily takes on the spy stuff.  While Brooks is very believable as the paranoid, over-protective father.  He hates to fly, is afraid of heights, and even wears a fanny pack equipped with a distress siren in case he's attacked.  The two actors are perfect for their respective roles.

Candice Bergen, who has made quite a career for herself out of playing shrieking females, is funny as Steve's bitter estranged wife.

It is difficult to produce a successful remake.  But, with Andrew Bergman adding just enough update spy gimmicks to his script, and the two talented stars' own personal touch, The In-Laws is one remake that works!

The In-Laws

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