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The In Crowd The In Crowd

The In Crowd is a silly drama about a murdering spoiled rich girl and the working class girl she befriends.

When you're young, you want to be accepted by the popular, hip kids and Adrien (Lori Herring) is no exception.  She's a pretty outsider who gets a summer job at an exclusive country club.

The club members' kids are a bunch of self absorbed, party hearty teens.  Their ring leader Brittany (Susan Ward), a pouting manipulator, pretends to welcome Adrien into their group so she can control and humiliate her at will.

I never really figured out why she wanted to punish Adrien.  Was it that she was jealous of her or because she looked like Brittany's sister?  Her motive is never explained.

There aren't any parents on the scene, so the teens do pretty much whatever they want.  Drinking, having sex and planning parties fill their time.

From the beginning, we know who the killer is, so there's no intrigue.  When the surprise is taken away from a murder story and instead it is filled with annoying, uninteresting characters, what's the point?

The In Crowd

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